Posted on March 6, 2016

Nestle USA Beverage division approached Gateway Plastics with the challenge of improving the quality and sustainability of Nestle Quik retail packages while maximizing line up‑time at their plant. Gateway, known for innovative solutions, provided a better container and lid fit, and fill line down time was substantially reduced by eliminating problematic labeling equipment.

The new Quik containers (21.8 oz and 10.9 oz) are injection molded on state‑of‑the‑art molding machines using advanced automation for in‑mold label placement through final palletizing operations. Parts are never touched by human hands.

In addition to eliminating secondary labeling operations, the new containers are dimensionally more consistent than the old blow molded models. Resin content has been reduced by 5%, and the in‑mold labels create superior retail shelf presence. Proof again that Gateway Plastics is much more than just a closure supplier!