Production Process


Elevate Your Packaging

Our high‑speed injection molding process enables us to produce a full range of packaging products. We also offer in‑mold labeling, a process that introduces a printed label into the injection mold so the package is actually molded around the label. This process creates superb, high‑resolution graphics that really make the packaging stand out. The in‑mold labeling process also reduces cost by creating an efficient, stream‑lined process without the need for secondary operations.

  • Press capability up to 1,000 tons and 10 pound shot size
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Eight on-site silos allow storage capacity for 1 million pounds of resin
  • In-house material blending


Eliminate Flaws, Elevate Sales

When sales are on the line, the last thing you want is product packaging that is flawed in any way. With quality testing before, during, and after the entire production process, we go to great lengths to ensure that the finished product meets all specifications.

  • ISO 22000:2005 certification
  • First article and sampling capabilities
  • Fully-equipped lab for dimensional requirements
  • CMM and Optical Comparator on-site
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Torque and pull force testing
  • Color verification
  • Seal testing
  • Problem simulation lab
  • Destructive testing


Precision From Start to Finish

With ever-increasing demands put on companies to fill and cap jars at higher speeds and with more efficiency, bottle quality and consistency are of the utmost importance. With lines moving at several hundred jars per minute, small bottle variances can cause big downtime issues. For this reason, we use the two-step approach for manufacturing PET bottles. Two-stage processing minimizes dimensional variability and provides the most reliable sealing lands for mating closures.

The first stage in making a quality bottle is injection molding precision preforms. We mold preform using tools, molding machines, and automation from industry technology leaders. The preforms are robotically stacked in gaylords to maintain neck finish integrity during the 48-hour aging process. This aging process takes place in our HVAC-controlled warehouse and ensures the PET material is fully stabilized before moving to the second stage or blowing process.


Innovation in Bottle Production

In step two of our bottle manufacturing process, GPI preforms are blown on linear machines providing bottles with uniform wall thickness and consistent neck finish quality for final fit‑up and sealing to our closures.

Automated leak check machines ensure bottle integrity for customer fill lines, while laser-etched date codes allow for product traceability. Finished bottles are robotically palletized, banded, and stretch‑wrapped before being moved to Silgan Specialty Packaging’s HVAC-controlled warehouse.

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