Why choose Silgan Specialty Packaging?

Often, a product requires something more than what typical stock offerings provide. Something with a unique shape that will set your product apart from the competition. Maybe you need a special closure. Or perhaps you’re just looking to reduce expenses. Whatever your reason, we can provide a custom solution that works within your parameters and maximizes your returns.


K-Cup Compatible Coffee Pod

Our K-Cup compatible X-Cup coffee capsule offers the highest performance and product protection in the market.  Our superior barrier technology keeps your coffee fresh and customers coming back for more.

The X-Cup is compatible with most filling systems and offers superior performance.  Our unique technology offers a very uniform bottom ensuring CONSISTENT PIERCE and happy customers.



Food Packaging

Certified Food Packaging

Silgan Specialty develops and manufactures innovative food packaging that will give our clients a competitive advantage. From initial concept to finished product, Silgan Specialty is a dedicated business partner committed to meeting our customers’ food packaging requirements. We develop new solutions to enhance existing products and manufacture inventive packaging concepts for emerging market segments. Our extensive experience converting glass, spiral wound canisters, metal containers, and other materials to lightweight plastic packaging solutions helps lower costs and add value. Our knowledge of hot-fill applications, barrier technology, and package design will lend to the success of our customer’s products.

Pet Care

Practical Pet Care Packaging

As the pet care product market has become increasingly competitive, marketers have become conscious of the impact that packaging has on retail sales. While visual appeal is important, the package must also be practical and cost-efficient. From food storage to litter boxes, Silgan Specialty has developed innovative packaging and products for the pet care industry. Whatever kind of product you envision, we can make it happen.



Harsh Chemicals, No Worries

Almost all packaging for home and garden products is now made from plastic. The chemicals in these products require packaging that makes the product easy to use and safe to store. The plastic materials used are guaranteed to withstand the strength of the chemicals that are found within the product. We offer an extensive line of products that are ideal for everything from laundry detergent to lawn fertilizers. With our in‑house design capabilities, we can also develop and manufacture an entirely custom packaging solution.



Supplement Packaging

It’s a good time to be in the health and fitness industry as growing healthcare costs and an overall increase in physical fitness across the country has led to an extensive amount of health supplements and nutritional products on the market. Make sure your products stick out from the competition with quality supplement packaging. In addition to a unique design for attracting customers and making it easy for consumers to use your products, our supplement packaging meets all of the requirements for industry packaging standards. Nutraceutical products include drugs, dietary supplements and food ingredients.