• A Year of Community Impact

    A Year of Community Impact

    Manufacturing is a world-changing industry in more ways than one. Not only does the industry supply the world its goods through advanced, high-volume production, companies like ours also seek to change the world through the outreach initiatives and community-impact projects. At Silgan Specialty Packaging, we invite the team to participate in a quarterly program we call…

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  • Beneful Dog Food Packaging

    Beneful Dog Food Packaging

    What do you do when your inexpensive, custom vacuum formed over‑cap causes you problems in processing? You look for opportunities to improve the product without adding to your costs. Production of Purina’s new Beneful premium soft dog food was just taking off when over‑cap problems set in. The vacuum-formed cap was dimensionally inconsistent and caused…

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  • Cheerios Tot Pack

    Cheerios Tot Pack

    Silgan Specialty Packaging teamed with Continental Packaging Solutions to provide General Mills with a “fast‑to‑market” Cheerios snack package for toddlers. The goal was to develop a user-friendly dispensing container for families on the go, while minimizing General Mills’ investment in time and materials. The solution was simple, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. Silgan Specialty…

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  • Condiment Lids

    Condiment Lids

    Silgan Specialty Packaging was met with a request to “harmonize” Mayo and Miracle Whip jar closures; The 15-ounce and 30-ounce products needed a closure update. Silgan Specialty Packaging responded with a lighter-weight, short skirt 70mm closure. This closure replaced the heavier 70mm closure used on their 15-ounce products, as well as an 83mm closure that…

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  • Facility Expansion Announced

    Facility Expansion Announced

    Silgan Specialty Packaging is pleased to announce the much-anticipated facility expansion to their current 280,000-square-foot facility located on County Line Road in Mequon, Wisconsin. The 70,000-square-foot addition will provide the additional production and warehouse space necessary to accommodate company-wide growth. The proposed expansion recently received unanimous support from the Mequon Planning Commission, and Silgan Specialty…

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  • Gerber Cereal Pack

    Gerber Cereal Pack

    An iconic brand demands iconic packaging. Gerber Products Company is undoubtedly the iconic brand in baby food. Their rice cereal had been in a fiberboard package since its initial release to the market in 1939. When more than a facelift was needed to upgrade the package, Gerber chose Silgan Specialty Packaging as their development partner.…

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  • Gerber Good Start

    Gerber Good Start

    When Gerber targeted their puréed baby food over cap for gram weight reduction and design enhancements, they chose Silgan Specialty Packaging as their molding partner. Our challenge was to reduce the use of plastic in a part that already weighed less than four grams while improving the design for better flow‑through on the Gerber fill…

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  • Grow With Us

    Grow With Us

    At Silgan Specialty Packaging, we emphasize training and professional development opportunities for our team members. The prominent Grow with Gateway display that covers one of the walls in our main corridor is a testament to our company’s commitment to facilitating growth opportunities for all employees. We value our team members’ initiative in attending and completing the often…

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  • National Safety Month Initiative Launches at Silgan Specialty Packaging

    National Safety Month Initiative Launches at Silgan Specialty Packaging

    Safety is a top priority at Silgan Specialty Packaging. As the company continues to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and as manufacturing technology heads in dramatically new directions, Silgan Specialty Packaging recognizes that day-to-day safety practices are more important than ever.   On June 1st, Silgan Specialty Packaging’s Safety Team launched a…

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  • Nectresse Sweetener

    Nectresse Sweetener

    When McNeil Nutritionals, LLC was looking to launch a market-changing no-calorie sweetener in an attention-grabbing package, they turned to Silgan Specialty Packaging for the closure. After several design and color scheme revisions, McNeil chose a custom translucent orange Silgan Specialty Packaging 70mm diameter dual door closure. For branding, McNeil added the Nectresse logo to the…

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  • Nesquik Drink Mix

    Nesquik Drink Mix

    Nestle USA Beverage division approached Silgan Specialty Packaging with the challenge of improving the quality and sustainability of Nestle Quik retail packages while maximizing line up‑time at their plant. Silgan Specialty Packaging, known for innovative solutions, provided a better container and lid fit, and fill line downtime was substantially reduced by eliminating problematic labeling equipment.…

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  • Nestle                                      Coffee-Mate

    Nestle Coffee-Mate

    When Nestle approached Silgan Specialty Packaging to develop a custom, cost‑efficient closure for the new club store powdered product containers, we welcomed the challenge. The solution was just what Nestle was looking for; a low‑profile, lightweight, 130mm diameter closure. This closure, the first of its size in the packaging industry, offers a multiple start thread…

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