Partners in Profitable Sustainability

By joining WMEP’s Profitable Sustainability Roundtable, Silgan Specialty Packaging is looking to take our already comprehensive Sustainability program to the next level.  

Silgan Specialty Packaging is proud to be an innovative force in sustainable manufacturing. Just how pioneering are our sustainability record and practices? As just one example, Silgan Specialty Packaging holds a 12% lead over the industry average in recyclability rate.

However, just like we maintain a continuous improvement mindset on the production floor, we believe that every aspect of our business can always be made better or enhanced. 

Through the Profitable Sustainability Roundtable (PSR), we hope to do just that. This program, initiated by the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP), has provided Wisconsin companies with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other to improve their sustainability profiles.

Along with the quarterly meetings that allow sustainability leaders from across the state to engage in a knowledge-sharing relationship, the WMEP also provides companies that are a part of the PSR with sustainability consultation services.  These services are based on each company’s unique business needs and have historically resulted in significant returns for the companies involved.

Silgan Specialty Packaging’s Quality Manager, Carrie Stangel, and Production Manager, Bryan Kurzendoerfer, work together to advance our company’s Sustainability program. They are also Silgan Specialty Packaging’s representatives to the Profitable Sustainability Roundtable.

Silgan Specialty Packaging’s Production Manager, Bryan Kurzendoerfer, sees a bright future for the company’s sustainability journey, as well as for the involvement with WMEP and the PSR:

“Profitable sustainability is a win-win situation – good for the environment, as well as good for business. Our partnership with the Profitable Sustainability Roundtable is definitely advancing our sustainability program and will continue to positively contribute to our sustainability profile.  Although it may be difficult to see the increased benefits in a daily metric, being involved in the PSR will bring improvement and changes which, over time, will be both easily measurable and inherently valuable.”