Sustainability is woven into everything we do. By implementing sustainable initiatives throughout our operations, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, conserve resources, and promote a greener planet for current and future generations.

Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere compliance; it is a fundamental part of our ethos as we continuously seek innovative ways to inspire positive change within our industry and beyond.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When possible, we reuse or sell plastic scrap to help cut down on waste. We only use recyclable resins that can be reclaimed in today’s recycling streams. Depending on packaging requirements, this means that we can utilize up to 100% scrap in our processes.

We’ve also implemented reusable secondary packaging programs for tier sheets, pallets, reusable totes, and more. These programs enable the repeated use of these materials before their final disposal, reducing landfill waste.


Operational Efficiency

We take a multi-directional approach to providing sustainable packaging solutions. From a broad range of material options to thoughtful packaging design, we optimize every opportunity to provide a package with the smallest environmental impact.

  • Energy Savings – We have reduced electricity consumption by 5% of KWH per lb or resin sold over the past 5 years. (2014 baseline through year 2020)
  • Asset Modernization – We continually evaluate additional ways to modernize the assets at our production plants and improve our overall operational efficiency.
  • Secondary Packaging – We work with our customers to eliminate secondary packaging. Alternatives include multi-use shipping containers and plastic pallets, or eliminating cartons completely and instead utilizing trays, reusable totes, or tier sheets.


Recyclable Coffee Pods

The secret is in the material. Our X-Cup coffee pods are 100% recyclable thanks to a thermoplastic called polypropylene.

Once heated to its melting point, this plastic is molded into a familiar K-Cup shape. Its hidden multi-layered structure, blocks out moisture and oxygen, maintaining product quality for up to two years, so your coffee is brewed at its best.

Unlike traditional k-cups, the X-CUP by Silgan Specialty Packaging can be recycled for reuse. Feel better about your coffee and choose the cup that cares.

The Future of Plastics is Sustainable

The future of plastics holds immense potential for positive change. By embracing sustainability, we can unlock a world where resources are preserved and the environment is protected. With each sustainable practice, we lessen the strain on finite resources, minimize pollution, and safeguard precious ecosystems and wildlife.

By focusing on renewable alternatives, we ignite a spark of innovation and possibility. Together, we can meet the demands of conscious consumers and lead the way towards a world where sustainability is the norm. Let us rise to the challenge, make choices that resonate with our values, and inspire others to join the initiative.

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