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Gateway Intern Advances New Sustainability Initiative

Posted on July 25, 2016

At Gateway Plastics, environmental sustainability isn’t just a goal – it’s an exciting reality that our business practices every day. Gateway Plastics boasts a 96.4% rate of waste material recycled, soaring a full 12% above the industry average (source: Harvard Business Review, 2015). 

As part of Gateway Plastics’ commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of sustainability, the company is always seeking ways to continuously improve in this area. A new contribution to Gateway’s pristine record of sustainability is an initiative to recycle all white paper used in the offices and the production process. “White paper” encompasses not only office paper, but also envelopes, paperclips and staples, junk mail – and most other items that are made of paper that might otherwise be cleaned off of a desk and thrown in the trash. 

Josie Woger, a Gateway Plastics intern, has taken a lead role in this project. She explains a few of the broad-ranging benefits of implementing this new program: “This initiative will help Gateway further advance as a sustainable company. Something as simple as recycling white paper eventually makes a big difference in areas such as saving energy, saving waste removal expense, and preserving natural resources by keeping waste out of landfills." 

"Being a part of this initiative has been an amazing opportunity to work on something I'm passionate about - sustainability - and to be able to see the ways this project benefits the entire Gateway team." - Josie Woger, Gateway Plastics Intern  

As an intern, Josie was excited to find a way to relate what she is accomplishing during her internship at Gateway to her experience at college. Josie described the connection, “I am involved in the Sustainability program at my school, and I look forward to the opportunity to apply what I am a part of here at Gateway Plastics to the work I do on my college campus.” 

We are proud to see our interns make an impact at Gateway Plastics and beyond. It reflects Gateway’s dedication to environmental sustainability, which extends far past the four walls of our facility to make an important global impact.