Purina Tidy Cat Pails

Saving 1.6 million pounds of resin annually – In reviewing their Tidy-Cat litter 27 and 30 pound pail packages, Purina decided the existing pails used too much plastic. The packages were just larger, heavier and costlier than they needed to be.When Purina approached Silgan Specialty Packaging, we viewed it as an opportunity to not only offer a “greener” package, but to improve the aesthetics of the pail.

First, we developed a new “fluted” design that reduces weight and maintains top load performance. The traditional wrap‑around label was then eliminated in favor of four individual In‑Mold Labels, a first for the IMDA (In‑Mold Decorating Association), on a floating label within a side panel. Our higher resolution IML labels gave Purina the new look they desired.

The Result: The new, thin‑walled, in‑mold labeled container, with its unique shape and lid design, also improved stacking characteristics and reduced the resin content in the pail. Check out just how much

The per unit resin savings added up:

  • Resin Savings:128 grams/pail
  • Annual Savings: 1.6 million pounds of resin

That’s 9,600 barrels of crude! (450,000 gallons of gas)